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The Source of our Data-Driven System

Provider Ranking System (PRS) drills down into the largest database in the world of actual medical procedures. Healthcare costs in the U.S. for 2020 are running over $4,000,000,000,000.00 ($4 trillion), about 20% of the economy, the highest in the world. CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is involved in 45% of these costs, a far bigger share than any one health insurance company. This is the primary source of the data used by Denniston Data. With this big data, the data-driven PRS can make fair and consistent comparisons: who actually did what, and how do they compare to their peers. The data is completely transparent because it can be traced directly back to the source, the largest healthcare database in the world.

We do not rely on opinion and judgement. What is more important, whether the office receptionist was friendly to the patient, or whether the provider quickly helped the patient get better and stay healthy? With actual data, you know exactly how different providers compare. On the other hand, with varied opinions mixed in with advertising to influence perception and ratings, choosing a provider is like finding your way through the jungle. And it is a very expensive jungle, consuming 20% of our GDP. Successful providers who do more of a procedure not only tend to have better outcomes, but they also tend to be more efficient, so they can accomplish what they do for less cost, especially considering avoiding complications and repeat procedures. As they say, “Practice makes perfect.”

PRS was designed to handle big data. Over one million providers are covered in detail for seven separate years, but retrieval of information is instant. Finding a provider is easy. Then once you see what they do, you can instantly click to see how they compare to their peers, either nationally, or locally within their practice area. Just factual data is offered, no opinions, judgement, or advertising induced bias.

All data has been cleaned and checked for errors many times. Output consistencies have been verified, and outliers have been reviewed and explained. It is by far the largest and the most accurate data available on medical providers in the U.S.

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