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Powerful Healthcare Platforms with 100% Transparency

The largest and most accurate data available on medical providers and benchmark prices in the U.S.

Two platforms to choose from with 100% accurate healthcare information.

Provider Ranking System™ (PRS)

Identify high-performing medical providers to lower healthcare costs through improved health outcomes.

physicians provider network screenshot

Healthcare Pricing Guide™ (HPG)

U.S. Medical Benchmark Prices from Transparency in coverage and Medicare Data

Denniston Data on CISION NEWSWIRE

Official Healthcare Pricing Guide™ (HPG) Can Ensure employer health plans are paying fair prices following the consolidated appropriations act, 2021 (CAA)

This is a perfect product for insurance carrier networks. Any network that is evaluating the providers in their networks would appreciate the rankings.

Health networks would benefit by reviewing actual performance data on providers that dive deeper than a traditional license screening.